Personalization Disclaimer

Executive Toys, Inc. offers the service of adding monogramming, names and personalization to apparel item purchased. The pricing is $10.00 per garment which will include 2 lines of text.  The first line is done in .40 size. Titles are located on the 2nd line in .35 size.  Depending on the letters that are connected in a name there will be a jump stitch that connects letters.  This is required for the integrity of the personalization.  It is standard procedure.  While some letters will have connecting stitches not all letters will have it.  Purchaser takes acknowledgement of this disclaimer when agreeing for work to be done. 


Personalization Updates:

Years of service add-ons, name changes, title additions/changes. Please email for pricing. 

We do offer the service to make edits/updates to your existing personalization.  Please note that while we attempt to match the font type, color and alignment,  it will not be on-target as if it was done in the exact location alignment as the original. Typically it is fairly close.   Executive Toys highly suggests to wait until your years of service and position are done in each category and add them all at one time for the best results. 

If you are taking off names, titles and years and replacing them with updates please be aware that we take extra caution when shaving off the personalization from your item but we cannot be responsible for damages or holes to the item.  There is a  50/50 chance that taking personalization off and replacing it there will be  pinholes or shadow of the previous name.  Sometimes it will show and sometime it will not be noticed that the information was changed.  This highly depends on the garment material and size of the original name.  We will attempt to put the new information where the previous personalization was but are unable to guarantee it will be exact.

We will make every attempt to make your updated personalization as close to the original as possible.

Please examine these notes before deciding to make changes to your existing item.  Purchaser takes acknowledgement of this disclaimer when agreeing for work to be done.