Apparel Care

Apparel Care:

Garments that have embroidered logos.

Recommendation is dry clean no starch. Please give instructions to dry cleaner to take extra care for dark colored items to avoid fading. If you decide to wash your item, only use a mild detergent such as woolite in the delicate wash cycle. Hang dry, do not put in dryer for a full cycle. When garment is dry from hanging you can put in dryer for 5 minutes on LOW setting to get out wrinkles. You can also iron on a LOW setting, (no steam) putting a thin material between the garment and the iron. DO NOT iron directly on the item and avoid touching the embroidery. This will help extend the life of your embroidered item.

**Microfiber fish shirts & Unlined lightweight vest- Recommendation is dry clean no starch.  Machine wash and dry is NOT advisable.  Microfiber shirts & Unlined lightweight vest with logos may distort, bend  and pucker in a machine wash.  Executive Toys will not be responsible for these items that have been machine washed.

Executive Toys will not be responsible for thread on logos that have been improperly cared for. You have one year from purchase to notify our office of any logo issues.

For items with names/personalization please see the main menu on the top of this page and click on personalization disclaimer for more information .